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Asa takes on the US!

VENUE:  Hotel Cafe
DATE: Monday, June 13 at 8pm
COST: $12

Asa may not be a house hold name in the states just yet, but watch out, she is coming for you!

Asa (pronounced Asha) is a Nigerian born, Paris based singer-songwriter who fuses pop, jazz, soul, and reggae so well you would think the late Bob Marley and Nina Simone had a secret love child.

Asa just gets it. The ferocity, the camp, the pure delight that comes from this artist is unmatched in the US. Most of the world gets it, so why don’t we?!

Taking on the small stage at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, is not an easy feat. Let’s be honest, the Hollywood “in” crowd is brutal, there are no room for mistakes. Asa proceeded to make musical love to each and every person in the packed room, needless to say it was steamy.

Although her latest release, ‘Beautiful Imperfection,’ is not yet released domestically, the entire room knew every track, word for word. This is the 21st century, no one waits until album release day.

After a successful dance off with an audience member to the song “Bimpe,” Asa closed the night with a simple request, “bring me back to the US.”

Girl, no need to worry, we are begging for more. Bring Asa, bring it.

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