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Portishead: Welcome back, we’ve missed yew.

ARTIST: Portishead
VENUE: Shrine Expo
DATE: Sunday, October 19, 2011 at 8pm
COST: $40
DEPARTED THE SHOW FEELING: (tapping the guy to my left) “Did you just see that?!!”

Oh, Portishead how you continue to amaze me. Your age is nothing but a frivolous number. Beth Gibbons voice is still one of the most transcending and timeless instruments we have today in Rock & the Roll. The vibrations, the sounds, the sexy-nass that comes from Portishead is what keeps people coming back for seconds and thirds (if you can get it!) almost 20 years later.

Between the vox that is Beth and the sonic boom coming from Geoff Barrows & co., this band is well placed to be one for the history books, I can see a Jeopardy question now…

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