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Birdy performs at the Baryawwwwndot.


VENUE:  Bardot
DATE: Monday, March 19, 2012 at 9:30pm
COST: Free!
DEPARTED THE SHOW FEELING: Turn 18 then we’ll talk.

Keeping in line with the recent reviews, and the wave of international talent sweeping through LA, buzz princess Birdy performed a free set at the infamous It’s a School Night… night. I have to admit, I was shocked when I arrived 30 minutes before her set time and there was a huge line. Naive? Yeah, probably.

After I made my way in and found a nice spot in the corner, 15 year old UK starlet Birdy took the stage. Cute and shy, as a 15 year old making her buzzed about LA debut to industry and “cool” folk should be, Birdy walked onto the stage to a PACKED house. My guess is guess she was nervous since she couldn’t even look at the crowd. Birdy started with the Phoenix cover “1901” which sounded just like the version on youtube. I’ll be honest. I was waiting to be wowed. And she was really good, I mean she is 15. The girl needs some years, let’s be real for a minute.

This lady needs to be legal, go to some bars, and get some real heartache. Ultimately the angst is just hard to buy.

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