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Kiwi Kimbra makes her LA debut. Finally.

ARTIST: Kimbra
VENUE:  Troubadour
DATE: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 10pm
COST: $18
DEPARTED THE SHOW FEELING: Who was the opening act?? They were AMAZING!

Kimbra, Kimbra, Oh, Kimbra. Just like many other people in Los Angeles, I had been waiting a long time for this fine lady to make her (solo) debut. Kimbra had performed here a couple of times with her music love maker Gotye, but she had not performed her own stellar material.

Vows is hands down one of my favorite imports of last year. It’s deliciously rich with vocal runs, jazz soul, and female vocal virtuosity.

Opening the set was the wonderful LP. I had not been familiar with LP when I walked through the doors of the infamous Troubadour in West Hollywood. The second I heard the range, style, and viewed the enigmatic personality on stage, I was completely blown away, shouting, “WHO IS THIS??!” LP is an artist on the brink, she might not be for everyone, but I have a feeling we are all going to be whistling her (soon to be) hit song “Into the Wild.”

Kimbra took the stage in her 50’s meets Joan Jetson chic look and did not disappoint. Most people underestimate this artist, since she is jokingly referred to as, “that chick in the Gotye video.” But Kimbra is SO much more than just a one-hit-wonder-by-association! This lady has CHOPS and big ones. Have you seen how far her mouth opens when she belts out her tunes? I digress. The moment in which I was like “DAMN!!!” was the jaw-dropping cover of Nina Simone’s classic track “Plain Gold Ring.” Kimbra took that song, turned it upside down and slapped it around until it obeyed. She owned that fucking song. Plain and simple. Sorry Nina, no disrespect.

Simply put, as many already know, this lady is going places and is not coming back. It would be a travesty for anything differently to occur. If you have the opportunity to catch Kimbra, and you can actually score a ticket, I say DO IT!!

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