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Nick Waterhouse. Straight through my soul.

via Tank Top Diaries

via Tank Top Diaries

ARTIST: Nick Waterhouse
VENUE: Center for the Arts Eagle Rock
DATE:  Tuesday, May 10, 2012 at 9pm
COST: $10
DEPARTED THE SHOW FEELING: The opening act looked like they were going to be good. Not so much.

Soul music is my shit. As a short euro-jew, I can relate to soul/R&B music. I’m not joking. It’s my jam. When I first heard of Mr. Waterhouse I was in love. Comparisons to Buddy Holly abound, Nick Waterhouse is doing his own thang. Breaking it down in the 21st Century tried and true.

Waterhouse was celebrating the release of  Time’s All Gone, at Center for the Arts Eagle Rock, and completely brought the house down. He did this despite a lack luster opening act and poor sound quality from the venue. CFTAER is a unique enough venue. But honestly who cares if the space is amazing when the sound quality emitted by the venue is shitty??? Yo, Eagle Rock.. get on that!!

That being said, Nick’s huge backing band, (a lot of horns, fuck I love the sax) and two lovely lady singers, worked it out! The house was moving, shaking, and absolutely grooving! His brand of nostalgia is genuine, delicious, and has many more miles to go. I’m looking forward to seeing what this artist produces down the line. In the meantime I really want him to dj my house party.

via Tank Top Diaries

via Tank Top Diaries

via Tank Top Diaries

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