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All bow to WOODKID.

Internationally revered triple-threat director, singer, songwriter Yoann Lemoine, known by the alias Woodkid, is one of today’s most sought after and respected visual artists. The Frenchie Lemoine has put it down (video-wise) for Drake, Yelle, Moby, and the list goes on. Working on his indie music cred, Woodkid has released a STELLAR EP and a just released track, “Run Boy Run.” This song is fucking brilliant. It’s a journey and a lesson on what is quality music. I’ll be honest. Upon the first view, I wasn’t quite blown away. But the song and video resonate to a level where, it is undeniable. You just witnessed the future of music, video, and art as we know it. This guy is poised for major success once his forthcoming debut is released.
For now, enjoy the just released video for “Run Boy Run!”
BTW- did I mention this video was released four days ago and already has 470k views. Yep, it is that good.

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