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Selah Sue is a Belgian warrior.

ARTIST: Selah Sue
VENUE: The El Rey Theatre
DATE:  Friday, June 1, 2012 at 9pm
COST: $22
DEPARTED THE SHOW FEELING: I want to spit game as good as Selah Sue.

The incomparable 23-year-old Belgian white girl, reggae songstress, Selah Sue, made her LA debut last night at the El Rey Theatre, opening for the sensational (on the verge of breaking thru) Emeli Sandé! One thing to mention, The El Rey rolled out seats for the show! Nice one! As Ms. Sue pointed out, this was one of her very first US performances and she DID NOT disappoint. It was obvious by the immediate chill in the room, most did not know who the fuck Selah Sue was. With her trade mark bouffant hairdo, no make up, and sleek black outfit, Sue looked unusual to anyone who had not known her before this moment.

Selah Sue performed solo, with a simple acoustic guitar to back her up. A striking feat for someone introducing themselves in a large room and to a cold LA audience. SS soon belted out her forthcoming single, “Raggamuffin” and it was at that moment people knew. Don’t fuck with this little chick. Selah Sue means business! The next few tracks were stunning, but it wasn’t until Sue closed with her rousing (and extremely red faced) performance of “Fyah Fyah” that had the audience on their feet giving a much deserved standing ovation.

Selah Sue is at her best, and extremely unique, when she passionately growls out those reggae spits. The bitch as soul, grit, and a heavy vibe. I predict within the next year/year and a half every American rapper will be featuring Selah on their forthcoming singles. The video below gives you a nice taste of what was showcased last night, and what is to come from this talented musician.

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