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The xx, iphones, and vomit. Always keeping it classy LA.

Courtesy of Grimy Goods

ARTIST: The xx
VENUE: The Fonda Theatre
DATE:  Tuesday, July 23, 2012 at 10pm
COST: $30
DEPARTED THE SHOW FEELING: Is it possible to enjoy a concert without watching it through the lens of your iPhone?

The xx returned to Los Angeles with much fanfare after their almost three-year absence. People like The xx. And by like… I mean are bat shit crazy for this band. With their undeniable sexy goth and beat driven tracks, this London trio is a group that keeps people begging for more.  With a new album on the horizon most waited with baited breath at what songs would be offered during their return performance.

To avoid empty bottles of Red Stripe being tossed at their glossy instruments the band decided to play most of “the hits” aka their Mercury Prize winning debut album. Mid-set the band asked if they could play some new tracks off their forthcoming record. Could we stop them if we wanted? Of course everyone screamed “YES” like little girls in heat. Typically when new tracks are unveiled in this environment, the show can get boring… real fast. This was not the case with every new song debuted. The brooding and moody rhythms still lie beneath the surface, but it seems as though Jamie xx was given a bit more freedom on this upcoming collaboration. The beats were delicious and each track took their musical endeavor to the next level.

There is not question their next record will do extremely well critically. By the sound of things The xx are continuing to be the dark haired Londoners, stepping up their game one album at a time.

Oh, and did I forget to mention. Some classy socialite vomited 30 seconds before the curtain revealed the band. What an amazing smell to kick off the evening. Yummy.

Courtesy of Grimy Goods

Courtesy of Grimy Goods

Courtesy of Grimy Goods

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