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Zee Avi is a little out of control.

Zee Avi @ The Echoplex

VENUE: The Echoplex
DATE:  Friday, September 21 at 10:30pm
COST: $15
DEPARTED THE SHOW FEELING: she should be the musical guest on the Honey Boo Boo show.

Let’s cut to the chase, I was not ready for what was waiting for me. My inclination was to walk into the Echoplex, grab a beer and be lulled into a daze while listening to Zee Avi. I didn’t even come close to getting into my dream like state.

At 23 years old, Zee Avi’s on-stage personality has a ridiculous amount of sass, swagger, and a whole lot of hand waving goin on. At certain points I was convinced that I had stumbled upon a comic relief act while I watched her banter with her friend backstage. During the performance she referenced this friend to the audience and shouted, “She said to me, ‘Malaysian hair be big in the weave game.” This statement included a lot of eye rolling and neck swirls.

Diligently, I was trying to figure it out – did Zee Avi watch The Queens of Comedy on repeat growing up? Is this the real Zee Avi? In between the sass, Avi belted her original work which could not be further from the on stage persona she presented. When she is at her best, Avi’s voice is smooth, rich, and powerful.

Although the banter was playful and fun (I did laugh out loud several times), I contemplated with earnest: who really is Zee Avi?

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