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The Gossip bring the sass back to L.A.

Photos by Melissa Moore via L.A. Record

ARTIST: The Gossip
VENUE: The Henry Fonda Theatre
DATE:  Friday, October 12 at 10:15pm
COST: $38
DEPARTED THE SHOW FEELING:  Who is Tashi Condelee? I want to see more of her ASAP.

The Gossip is an indie-feminist, post-punk outfit formed in 1999 out of Olympia, Washington, just after the death of the infamous Riot Grrrl movement. Let’s not fuck around, the enigmatic singer Beth Ditto is and always will be the Gossip. I’ve been a fan for years. Have seen them several times since 2003. And the group has never failed to put on a raucous good time.

Since the release of Standing in the Way of Control in 2006, the Gossip have found massive success in the UK. However, the U.S. market has never quite embraced the band the way that all of Europe has done. If we are being honest, it probably comes down to the fact that the band is too queer, in all aspects of the word, for the good old home of the brave.

Whatever the case may be, most U.S. -based bands begin touring behind a new release in the states. Unfortunately we are not the Gossip’s money making territory.  Six months after the release of their latest effort A Joyful Noise the group’s management decided to grace us with their sold-out gig.

I put a lot of emphasis on the UK connection, although Beth always gives it what she’s got at any one of her their shows- there was a disconcerting disconnect from years past. The band clearly loves their fans, but after months of touring- Los Angeles got the leftovers. Perhaps Beth and the band were exhausted, drunk, or couldn’t really give a shit: whatever the case may be, we felt it. Many times Beth missed her part in the song, took sips of her beverage where the chorus might have been, and just looked plain exhausted.

The highlight of the performance was L.A. -based  Tashi Condelee who got DOWN on-stage singing “Get A Job” and completely stole the show.

All this being said, the mostly hipster gay boy audience and their fruit flies (I say this with much love and respect) were getting their boogies on while sipping on their $12 cocktails – without a care in the world. If I could talk to any old school fans in attendance, I bet they would say this- if you can’t give us what we deserve then take a nap before the show. Get it together kids!

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