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Lord Huron makes the young boys cry

Live at the Echo

ARTIST: Lord Huron
VENUE: The Echo
DATE:  Friday, November 2 at 11:30pm
COST: $12.50
DEPARTED THE SHOW FEELING: the ladies and the gents want to ride that ‘stache!

Ben Schneider, a.k.a. Lord Huron, took the stage to a sold-out room on a rather warm fall evening. The Los Angeles-based project, which began in 2010, has received critical praise from NPR, L.A. Weekly, and every snobby music ‘zine out there. One spin of the debut record Lonesome Dreams, released via IAMSOUND just last month, and the listener is immediately transported to a desert of peyote filled dreams.

Just before the band took the stage (in wild anticipation I might add), a young boy perhaps 18/19 years old squealed with excitement. Explaining the entire “history” of LH to his clueless comrade, the lanky boy exclaimed with unabashed glee, “Are you ready for the ride??!!” I had no fucking clue what he was talking about. Are horses about to trot out? If so, that would rule. Alas, it was not some pony show this young lad was oozing with joy over: instead it was the mustache, guitar, and indie darling Ben Schneider.

Performing to a dedicated audience clinging to every crescendo, lick of the guitar, and subtle moment of delivery, Lord Huron had his fans by the balls. Everyone in the house was ripe with content.

With upcoming performances scheduled for national t.v., Schneider’s future is glaringly bright and my guess is that he is about to break – and break BIG. The only complaint from this jaded writer: when the band performed together the sound was not quite full and consistent with the album. But when Ben Schneider sang softly into the microphone, he completely stole the show. With a whole lot of touring on the horizon, the finer points will be worked out and this will be a band set for the masses.

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