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The Faint still have moves

Photos by Oliver Walker courtesy of Goldenvoice

Photos by Oliver Walker courtesy of Goldenvoice

ARTIST: The Faint
VENUE: The Fonda Theatre
DATE:  Sunday, November 18 at 9:35pm
COST: $30
DEPARTED THE SHOW FEELING: I can’t tell if this is my sweat, or that big dude’s dancing next to me.

Oh, the Faint. You are such a tease. My intent was to walk in, be completely cynical, and leave saying, “when are they going to get their shit together and release a new album?” While some of that feeling remains true, these Nebraskan’s turned. it. OUT. And left me on my knees begging for more.

17 years later, The Faint’s live performance continue to make them one of the most polarizing and definitive indie-rock/synth bands of the last decade. Only a sprinkle of live dates since their last record in 2008, The Faint launched a full U.S. tour in support of the re-released cult favorite Danse Macabre.

The Fonda was half empty for support acts The Casket Girls and Trust, which led me to wonder – does anyone remember Danse Macabre? Is this album only treasured by a few? Is the band and management about shit-a-brick because this was a major mis-calculation?? But of course, this being Los Angeles, once the clock struck 9:30pm (the intended start time for TF) the house was packed to the brim.

The set opened with a new track “The Unseen Hand,” which poised the crowd for what was about to be a sweaty good time. Five rowdy, synths blaring tracks later The Faint launched into Danse Macabre, with the crowd bouncing to their every note. After the conclusion of DM the band continued to rile up their devoted fans, and concluded the evening with mind-blowing renditions of “Worked Up So Sexual” and “Paranoiattack”.

Although I’m sure The Faint wanted (or still want) “mainstream” success, the band has retained their dedicated and addicted following of synth-fanatics. And after this spellbinding performance I know their L.A. audience is not going anywhere, anytime soon.


In case you care about this kind of thing, check out the set list below:

01 The Unseen Hand
02 Dropkick The Punks
03 Desperate Guys
04 Victim Convenience
05 Take Me To The Hospital
06 Agenda Suicide
07 Glass Danse
08 Total Job
09 Let The Poison Spill From Your Throat
10 Your Retro Career Melted
11 Posed To Death
12 The Conductor
13 Violent
14 Ballad Of A Paralysed Citizen
15 The Geeks Were Right
16 Call Call
17 Mirror Error
18 Mote
19 Worked Up So Sexual
20 Evil Voices
21 I Disappear
22 Paranoiattack

Photos by Oliver Walker courtesy of Goldenvoice

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