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Charles Bradley is a mack daddy.

Charles Bradley

ARTIST: Charles Bradley and The Menahan Street Band
VENUE: Center for the Art of Performance – Royce Hall
DATE:  Thursday, November 29 at 9:00 pm
COST: $40
DEPARTED THE SHOW FEELING: All that glitters must be gold.

Here’s the deal. Whichever way you slice it, Charles Bradley is a bad ass bitch.

The 65 year old R&B sensation known as “The Screaming Eagle of Soul” (best name EVER) emerged from the ashes from a world riddled with misfortune and strife.

Releasing his debut album No Time For Dreaming in 2011, via Daptone Records, Mr. Bradley has taken his brand of soul to the masses, and many have fallen at his old beloved feet.

There are not too many men in their 60’s who have 21 year old white boys waving their hands in air allowing them to be taken to “church!” But Charles can.

With his James Brown drenched persona and unadulterated moves, only a brotha like him can muster up, there is no current flavor out there like Charles Bradley. Every time he swiveled those hips I thought of the years that his fans have lost without this man. Let’s be honest. It was a not a sexy maneuver, but it was real. You knew that he was feeling that raw passion, and delivering it the only way he knew how. Bradley has a defined talent, and as the viewer all you can do is wave you hands in the air and scream “have mercy!”

At 9pm Charles Bradley took the stage with The Menahan Street Band.  With all his glitter and gold C. Bradley brought the house down. Looking around the room, it was a mix of young and old, Westsiders mixed with Eastsiders. One thing the power of soul music can do is bring a fusion of people of all generations and backgrounds. All lines were blurred that night.

After an hour, and full costume change later, the set was over and the audience left with the satisfaction that this artist can share his gift to his devoted audience. What the world would have been, had we had his talent earlier. With this in mind, it left me thanking those independent record labels who still take the chance on musicians such as Charles Bradley. Play on playa.

2 Responses to “Charles Bradley is a mack daddy.”

  1. LG

    Great article. Bradley and the Menahan Street Band blew the roof off that dusty ol’ Royce Hall. Respect my man!


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