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Video of the Day: My Baby Boy – The Angelcy


A very close friend of mine, who’s music opinion I quite respect, came back from Israel and said one name: The Angelcy. From the first note of “My Baby Boy” I was hooked. With a unique vibrato, the lead singer takes their music to unexpected places.

Not much is known about the band or lead singer. The rumor: he lived in Germany for over two years, homeless, and on the streets before returning to Tel Aviv  to start the collective known as The Angelcy. Perhaps during those experiences he deepened his connection to the music he would soon create. Each note and lyric off the very short- self released live EP is drenched with raw emotion, passion, and conviction. It’s easy to try and put an artist in a box, but this band has the spark of something special that is sure to starting exploding across Europe next summer.

In the meantime, we’ve got this incredibly addicting rendition of “My Baby Boy” off the live EP, currently only available in Israel. If you’re a fan of Beirut, a little psychedelia (check out the track Mother Lover), with a mix of Damien Rice then press play.

Keep an eye for The Angelcy, and don’t forget I sent them your way. You can thank me later.

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