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Video of the Day: The Way I Feel – Asa (Asha)


I LOVE me some Asa. Pronounced Asha, the Nigerian-French singer-songwriter is the real deal. After two full length releases Asa is beyond ready to break into the U.S. scene. Asa’ latest release, 2010’s Beautiful Imperfection, made it to #3 on Billboard’s World Music Chart but did not make the mainstream splash it could have done. Perhaps her label and management didn’t know how to quite promote an eclectic artist such as she? Or maybe her offers were just too good in Europe? Of course we’ll never know, but when Asa is ready- we’ll be waiting for her. 

In the meantime Asa has just released a video for one of the most soulful tracks on the album “The Way I Feel”. It’s haunting, moody, and rich in texture. If you’re unfamiliar with Asa I highly recommend the tracks “Fire on the Mountain”, “Why Can’t We”, and “Be My Man”. All delicious alt-pop gems.

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