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Willy Moon or did you say Howlin’ Moon?

ARTIST: Willy Moon
VENUE: Bardot
DATE:  Monday, December 10 at 9:45 pm
COST: Free
DEPARTED THE SHOW FEELING: I’m not sure if I’m buying it.

Dear Willy Moon,

I really want to believe.

Monday night’s showcase started with his guitarist “Rosie” arriving to the stage in what I can only describe as Cat Woman’s sexy onesie and a fierce electric guitar. After a few strums of ferocity, drummer “Gigi” (by far one of the high points of the evening) began to beat the shit out of her drums. Willy Moon, with a screech and howl pushed through the crowd and made his way to the tiny stage. Proclaiming “this is like playing in someone’s fucking living room” he ripped through what is most likely his entire debut album. People were grooving, feeling it, hell I was swaying to the strum of the guitar – but there was something real, tangible, and genuine that was missing from his act.

It was all very well choreographed, I give it that much. Moon’s voice is something unique and will certainly be developed and defined over the next year, but the “Howlin’ Wolf/Screamin Jay Hawkins” routine was a bit much. I love rockabilly, I can see where he is trying to take this. But come on. You’re from New Zealand. Why are you trying to imitate, to the point of a characterture, some of the American legends of blues and rock?

After all my whining I’ll be frank, with the iPod commercial and forthcoming debut set to be released this year by a major label- Willy Moon will be on your TV, and on your radio and have pretty decent career. But I hope in the near future, or on the sophomore album, I get to see the real Willy.

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