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Parov Stelar brings electro-swing to helL.A.

ARTIST: The Parov Stelar Trio
VENUE: Club Nokia
DATE:  Friday, December 14 at 10:10 pm
COST: $30
DEPARTED THE SHOW FEELING: this time next year American’s will try to take over and destroy a good thing: electro-swing.

Austrian-based producer/DJ Marcus Füreder made his L.A. debut as the critically acclaimed electro-swing act Parov Stelar. The project took flight in 2005 and has performed to mainly sold-out audiences throughout Europe. Looking to make his mark (and take over the coveted U.S. market), the trio performed to a very spacious and half empty Club Nokia. Note: this is in no way the fault of Parov Stelar. Let’s be honest- just because an artist/DJ/band is HUGE and selling out arenas in Germany, Spain, and the UK-doesn’t mean people in the good old America’s will give a shit. Superstars overseas need to realize that they have to start over in the U.S. market. Given the proper TLC, building from the ground up can be a great opportunity for any artist to make a fresh start in a new territory; a reinvention if you will.

But I digress.

The Parov Stelar Trio consisted of Füreder, a jubilant trumpeter, and sassy alto sax man. The combination of revitalizing the old with the new is bound for immense popularity for both the average music fan and music syncing (or licensing) entertainment folk. Perhaps someone could consider this performance as showcase. In fact, a random creepy guy came up to me while I waited to order my cold Heinie (Heineken) and exclaimed “I can’t believe I’d never heard of Parov before the Bacardi commercial!! OMG he’s so amazing!!” Mind you, I didn’t toss him more than a blink before he offered up such an exaggerated declaration of love.

The group had everyone in attendance dancing like crazy people and even doing a bit of the Charleston.  However you slice it, Marcus Füreder is well on his way to captivate and titillate the U.S.

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