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Mirror Talk is spitting major sass

ARTIST: Mirror Talk
VENUE: The Satellite
DATE:  Monday, January 7 at 9pm
COST: Free
DEPARTED THE SHOW FEELING: Mirror Talk just turned the stage inside out.

Mirror Talk is an unsigned band (but not for long) who is about to run the streets of L.A. and beyond. I was fortunate enough to catch their set last night at a free Monday night showcase. Until now, Mirror Talk have only performed a handful of shows together, choosing to focus on recording and honing their craft in the studio. Their live skills and collective energy was nothing short of spectacular. MT’s new tracks, which will be available soon via SoundCloud, were impeccable anthems that will be on the listening devices of many.

Projecting an early electro-R&B vibe, these guys are on the track to something BIG. Frontman Court Alexander is sexy, sassy, and completely engaging. Watching him perform, I knew that Alexander was absolutely feeling every note, emotion, and beat. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a show where the lead singer looks the audience dead in the eye.  A confident as hell Freddie Mercury live persona (with a little Jake Shears thrown in), he knows what he wants us to feel – and he’s gonna take us there.

The future for Mirror Talk is very promising, I would keep my eyes on these five dudes. They are ready to get you all worked up.

Vocals: Court Alexander
Guitar/Synth: Steven Lopez
Bass/Synth: Sean Krell
Keys/Synth: Matt Feinman
Drums/Drums Synth: Dave Lewis

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