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Sweden’s Goat sort of scared me. Then converted me.

Quite frankly, I could sit here and come up with some witty and clever descriptions for Goatbut a recent Spin feature already smacked it down:

“Recorded hot-as-hellfire to tape, this thing could be mistaken for a Now Again or Finders Keepers reissue from West-Africa (via Mars), but in fact the group hails from a small town in Sweden called Korpilombolo. The band claims this town runs deep with a history of practicing voodoo and ducking religious persecution …. Whatever the deal is, World Music is a delirious mix of brassy, hook-laden, royally thunderous heavy metal; fast-paced Nigerian disco; hypnotic African rhythms mutated through Cuba and Haiti;…”

Now do you blame me for quoting Spin? Thanks guys.

You can check out the whole album, World Music, or just the single “Goatman” below. Hell yea.

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