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UK’s Jake Bugg is an old soul

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ARTIST: Jake Bugg
VENUE: Troubadour
DATE:  Wednesday, January 16 at 9:30pm
COST: $16
DEPARTED THE SHOW FEELING: I just listened to my parents records come out of an 18 year old. And I loved it. Weird.

England’s Jake Bugg is just your average, meek looking, 18 year old kid who wears a collared shirt, and looks like he could care less that he’s standing on the precipice of worldwide acclaim.

Bugg made his Los Angeles debut Wednesday night to a room chalked full of industry folk. Most of which looked like they were ruling school when Bob Dylan was just breaking the scene. As he walked toward the stage, I had my doubts. Jake Bugg didn’t look intimidated, he didn’t look nervous, he just didn’t look like he gave a shit. But he was definitely ready to jam. As soon as the first chord was struck and his voice opened up, I knew Jake Bugg is the real deal.

With comparisons to Bob Dylan, with a bit of Johnny Cash, he also engages influence from 90’s British rock heroes Oasis and Blur. The kinetic energy in that room was undeniable. Every time Bugg began to croon, women were screaming and dudes were leaving their mouths gaping in awe. Jake Bugg’s vocal ability is undeniable. Although some say his music is a bit manufactured, it would make sense that if someone in the industry saw that raw, unfiltered talent, they would feel possessed to bring it to the masses. However they saw fit. Regardless of this notion, his voice evokes our musical heritage, and resurrects ghosts from our past.

If he doesn’t do anything dumb (although he’s not even legal drinking age in the states, could we blame him if he did?) he will be on a mission to sky rocket and hit that coveted cross over success. Good luck dude.

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