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REVIEW: Holy crap the ladies LOVE San Cisco

San Cisco photo by Cori Spelling

VENUE: Troubadour
DATE:  Wednesday, April 10 at 10:00pm
COST: $15
DEPARTED THE SHOW FEELING: San Cisco proves it doesn’t have to always be so complicated. Now let’s dance & rage.

It was hard not to notice the overwhelming amount of women, okay… really they were girls, at the Troubadour for San Cisco tonight. After careful consideration the breakdown of attendees went something like this:

54% – Girls
22% – Women
17% – Dudes
7% – Dudes attending with their girlfriends, who are just trying to get laid tonight

Before the young Australian foursome took the stage someone grabbed their Best of Michael Jackson copy from the tour bus and smacked it on the house speakers. But as one would expect, the crowd went NUTS. There is nothing like a little MJ to get the party started.

As soon as San Cisco strolled to the stage rapturous screams nearly exploded my eardrums. We’re talking Beatlemania loud. I saw hands in the air and maybe even a couple of tears. I’m not joking, it was incredible.

What San Cisco provides their devoted fans is honestly nothing new. BUT what they are doing extremely well is adhering to a very old mantra- KISS aka Keep It Simple Stupid. These long time friends and bandmates are just having fun and doing it in a way that get people genuinely excited. And let’s be honest- that is not an easy task.

Now, don’t misunderstand what I’m saying here. This is all a very good thing. There is a current epidemic of young artists taking themselves way too seriously. Hey kids: loosen up! You don’t always have to go the mature folk route. Drink a 40 and live a little. I’m not saying that San Cisco is hustling in the alleyway after a show with a bottle of Mickey’s. What I am saying: San Cisco are creating lighthearted tunes that make people just want to DANCE in a very Gang Of Four sort of way. And this is all good baby.

With their hawaiian shirts and early 60’s pop-meets-surf rock vibes, San Cisco is on the rise. If the ladies in the audience have it their way (and their boyfriends want to get a little action), San Cisco won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

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