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VIDEO(S): Cillie Barnes, Team Spirit, & Dana Falconberry

There are way too many good tracks and videos lurking around the internets, so why not do a little compilation? 

Team Spirit: these dudes have shared their latest installment for the track “MRDR It’s Ok” from the self-titled debut EP out now on VICE. The video is the latest in a five part video series collaboration between Team Spirit and Swedish animation duo Hannes and Johannes and continues to take the viewer on a bizarre rock and roll ride concocted in lead singer Ayad Al Adhamy’s mind. #RAD

Cillie Barnes: The magical fairy known as Cillie Barnes have given us one of the best lyric videos I’ve seen in a while. The single “Brainwash” is literally taking over my consciousness. It’s just so damn good. Get ur fill here.

Dana Falconberry: Dreamy folk is what DF does best. “Please Sparrow” is a gorgeous tune with an even silkier video. Yeah, I said “silkier”. What are you gonna do about it? Recommended viewing with a cup of coffee at sunrise. 

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