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REVIEW: Charlotte OC US debut

ARTIST: Charlotte OC
VENUE: Hotel Cafe
DATE:  Tuesday, September 9th at 8:15pm
COST: $10
DEPARTED THE SHOW FEELING: Holy sh*t. I just saw a lot of feelz. And what a voice!

I was invited to this show without knowing much about new UK artist Charlotte OC. Sometimes this can be simply the best scenario or quite a gamble. Let’s be real, many of us have seen our fair share of bombers (a lady never reveals names).

Walking into a dark room, not knowing much about what is about to unfold in front of you can be extremely invigorating. And occasionally a let down. This was NOT the case.

In a long black flowing dress, which looked to be swallowing her thin frame whole, revealed the timid artist known as Charlotte OC. From what I’ve researched, she has not been performing long. And it showed, but in the best of ways.

The raw energy and talent oozed through every note and inch of her body. Before each track, and directly following, unveiled a shy girl. Someone who really wanted people to just like her. But everyone in the room was more than just “in like” with her. We were falling in love with her.

From “Colour My Heart” to “Cut The Rope” Charlotte OC showcased not only incredible vocal range but beautifully crafted songs. A cross from Tori Amos to Natasha Khan and back to Kate Bush, Charlotte OC dominates. This is an artist that you can NOT sleep on. If she does not end up on radio channels within two years, there’s no justice.


Check out some of her tracks below and make sure you catch her next run through your city.


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