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Adam Green makes an ass out of himself. And we love every minute of it.

Image via Filter Magazine

ARTIST: Adam Green + Binki Shapiro
VENUE: Bootleg Theatre
DATE:  Tuesday, January 29 at 9:00pm
COST: $18
DEPARTED THE SHOW FEELING: Adam Green isn’t the guy who gets left in the corner.

Adam Green + Binki Shapiro debuted their new collaborative project to a very packed “it” crowd. On a Tuesday night. In the bowels of Los Angeles. As I made my way to the stage I brushed shoulders with the lady goddess known as Sia… how could my night get better than that? Oh yeah, I was about to watch the Jewish wonder Mr. Green perform his unique medley to an adoring crowd.

The project made up of these east coast/west coast hipsters is a strong project indeed. Their voices bounce off one another with a sense of belonging and continuity. The first quarter of the set saw Binki take the lead with her unmistakable purr and Jane Birkin-esque dance moves. The whole time Adam was cool, calm, and strangely collected. One could say “polite” would be the appropriate word to use.

Once it was Adam’s turn to bask in the spotlight, it was like taking a five year old out of the “time out” corner and setting him loose into an anxious room of adults. Between his butt wiggles and hip thrusting, here was the Adam Green many have come to know for well over a decade. With several solo tracks in tow, Adam Green has this way of commanding the audience. Every time I’ve seen him perform, one thing always crosses my mind. Where does that Johnny Cash meets Neil Diamond voice come from? It always takes just a minute for my brain to unravel. But it’s there, strong and swoon worthy (so say the girls grabbing at his legs and “package” in front).

The band as a whole was tight and crisp making the whole picture come to life. Highlight? The guitarist who was completely shredding and quite frankly was outshining Binki. Sorry girl.

Image via Filter Magazine

Image via Filter Magazine

Image via Filter Magazine

Image via Filter Magazine

Adam Green & Binki Shapiro setlist:

1. If You Want Me To
2. Pleasantries
3. Pity Love
4. Just To Make Me Feel Good
5. Casanova
6. I Never Found Out
7. Buddy Bradley (Minor Love)
8. Cigarette Burns Forever (Minor Love)
9. You Blacken My Stay (Minor Love)
10. Here I Am
11. Don’t Ask For More
12. What’s The Reward
13. Nighttime Stopped Bleeding
14. Dance With Me (Garfield)
15. Collage (Fall EP)


16. Getting Led (Sixes & Sevens)
17. Gemstones (Gemstones)

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