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Lianne La Havas = Swoon worthy

Live at the Bootleg Theater

ARTIST: Lianne La Havas
VENUE: Bootleg Bar
DATE:  Monday, November 28, 2011 at 8pm
COST: Free!
DEPARTED THE SHOW FEELING: I just saw the next big thing. Watch out Esperanza Spaulding!


Hold on, let me catch my breath…. ok.

London based musician Lianne La Havas took Los Angeles by storm… even if it was only 100 people in attendance. This my friends, is the making of a huge star.

Like most, I was introduced to Ms. La Havas by way of her Jools Holland performance last month. Completely enamoured I prayed to the music deity that they bring her close to me. I guess I chose the right person to throw my wishes at because low and behold Lianne La Havas was not only performing that week… but for FREE at the Bootleg Theater in Silver Lake!

A little on the timid and shy side Lianne started off with a personal favorite “No Room For Doubt.” The way she conveyed those lyrics into the microphone, I thought for a second I was the only one in the room. It was as if Lianne was singing those lyrics to herself knowing she better leave all doubt at this LA venues door. It was her time to shine. The comparisons to neo-soul darlings Corinne Bailey Rae and Norah Jones are inevitable but this lady has got it, and then some.

Mark my words, Lianne La Havas will definitely be leaving a mark on 2012. If you have a chance to see this lady, get in while the gettin’ is good!

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