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INTERVIEW: Garden sprites, Fairies, and Edgar Alan Poe. Hello Cillie Barnes.

Cillie Barnes is just plain magical. A singer-songerwriter based out of the LA/OC area, Cillie (pronounced Silly) is getting ready to embark on an adventure with her fabulous EP Happy Valley. No stranger to the stage, Barnes has written, recorded, and toured with other bandmates but is more than ready to strike out on her own. The first time I heard her vocals, certain tracks reminded me of a female Isaac Brock. Only in the voice, not in the raging alcoholic sense.

Ms. Barnes and I had a little fireside chat before her upcoming gig at the Echo in Los Angeles. Take a peek at our conversation: 

Cori Spelling: Your songs have a summertime, ethereal quality to them. What are some of your inspirations?

Cillie Barnes: Garden sprites, Human-sized fairies, Poppies, white spiders, musk, Edgar Alan Poe, tobacco, saltwater, tanlines, widow’s walks, and watchtowers.

CS: You’re a psychic and a musician. What do you feel the connections are between your two halves?

CB: Well I think – as human beings, as animals at our core we our all innately both of these things. They’re more similar TO each other than being separate FROM one another. Being “psychic” or being a musician, both are woven with the same silver threads. Awareness, Empathy, Lunacy and the Want and Will to translate it.. alchemy I guess. And when it works – The perfect chemistry set.

CS: In your single “Brainwash” you mention that you can “feel the energy around me”.  Have you had any visions that have been put to music?

CB: All, yes. I do a lot of dreamwork that finds its ways into my songs.

CS: Previously you were part of a band that traveled with, and opened up for large touring acts but chose to forge your own path. Can you reveal, or hint at, any of the reasons that led you to the release of your first solo EP?

CB: This reminds me of Robert Frost. He probably answers this best.

CS: Happy Valley, your long awaited EP is getting ready for release this spring! Are you excited? Will you be touring domestically and/or internationally in the near future?

CB: I am excited!! Spring feels like the right time to get this thing out already. A lot of these songs were recorded a while back and I’m getting sick of sitting on ’em. Can’t force an egg to crack I guess though, right? Well of course you can… but, whatever, timing feels right… can’t wait. And yes touring! I loooove, I love playing shows. It’s strange stuff – sitting for long stretches of time with a bunch of weirdos for days on end but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

CS: What is a crazy tour antic that you’ve personally witnessed?

CB: One of the best nights was in Boston. We had maybe a 15 deep dance party in our RV after a show. A bunch of Fleetwood Mac, T. Swift, Busta Rhymes, it was tight. Rosie, that was her name, our RV. May she rest in peace.

CS: Finally, describe your live show in one word:

CB: Ticklish

 Cillie Barnes- Harper Smith- 2 hi res

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